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Teresa Galí-Izard nominated for Schelling Architecture Prize

The Schelling Architecture Foundation awards the Schelling Architecture Prize biannually.  In 2024, under the guiding principle of “Deep Transformations – Earth, Landscape, Architecture” the board of trustees has nominated three offices that leave classic professional profiles behind: Bureau Bas Smets from Brussels, LOLA Landscape Architects from Rotterdam and More

A drawing, produced using the BeingAliveLanguage tool, combines soil, forest, and agricultural farmland to illustrate the Landscape City concept, which seeks to anchor our lives and constructions in the laws of nature for the well-being of all in a world transformed by human activity.

Empowering the Next Generation: Illustrating Landscape Systems by Computation

Landscape systems are intricate and challenging to illustrate effectively. The BeingAliveLanguage, a groundbreaking software integrated into Rhino/Grasshopper, revolutionizes the visualization of soil-centric information. Developed by ETH Zurich’s “Chair of Being Alive,” this tool empowers designers and planners to create expressive, automated illustrations that support decision-making processes.

LUS Doctoral Crits AS 2024 & Book Launch

30. May 2024, 12:30 – 18:45 | ETH Zurich, ONA, DiD.

Poster for the exhibition called ramification. all information on the poster is also in the text below.

Ramification. Eine Ausstellung zur zeitgenössischen Landschaftsarchitektur

Vernissage: 20. April 2024 ab 17 Uhr. Ausstellung: 21. April bis 07. Juli 2024.

DELUS Issue 0

The pilot issue of DELUS offers a range of diverse insights into landscape and urban questions. It introduces new methods to unpack multiple worlds and narrate manifold stories.

Master of Science in Landscape Architecture

Applications until 30 April for autumn 2024. The Master‘s degree programme in Landscape Architecture is aimed at students with a Bachelor‘s degree in architecture or landscape architecture from a university or Swiss University of Applied Sciences with at least 180 ECTS or equivalent.

Assistenzprofessur (Tenure Track) für Landschaftsarchitektur

The Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich invites applications for the above-​mentioned position. The assistant professorship is located at the Institute for Landscape and Urban Studies. Job description

LUS Doctoral Crits

15 December 2023, 13:30 – 17:30 | ETH Zürich, Oerlikon, ONA G41, Neunbrunnenstr. 50.

Poster Community-led Landscape Resotration 2024, contains the same information as within this contribution.

Community-led Landscape Restoration 2024: Call for Applications

Application deadline: 10 February 2024 | Working sessions: 7 March, June, September, December 2024. The Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies (LUS) at ETH Zurich is delighted to announce the Community-led Landscape Restoration 2024 working group, a transdisciplinary series open to citizen groups, activists, academic researchers, and policy More

More Than Human Cinema

7.11. | ETH Zürich Hönggerberg and L200, Zürich. Featuring innovative experimental documentaries reflecting on various aspects of the built environment, this film series will take place over three dates across the Autumn 2023 Semester.

Sectional drawing through a chestnut orchard in November showing not only tree and grass layer of the system, but also moments such as leaf raking and burning as well as fruit harvesting and drying © Chair of Being Alive, ETH Zürich, 2023

Peeling out the Details of Chestnuts in Castasegna, Bregaglia, Switzerland

The landscapes dominated by chestnut trees in the southern alpine valleys are among the traditional agroforestry systems of Switzerland and have long been the main source of food for the local population. These complex socio-ecological systems provide a great learning space for landscape architects and planners, as chestnut More

LUS Talks 2023

12.10.-6.12., 18:30-19:30 | ETH Zürich, Neunbrunnenstr. 50, Design in Dialog Lab & L200, Langstr. 200, Zürich. The LUS Talks is a public lecture series, which addresses critical questions in the field of landscape and urban studies.

Poster of the Book launch "Lively Cities" in Liechtenstein

Lively Cities

Book Launch and Doctoral Colloquium, 26. & 27.10 2023 | Lively Cities departs from conventions of urban studies to argue that cities are lived achievements forged by a multitude of entities – human and nonhuman – that make up the material politics of city making.

Researching Otherwise: Pluriversal Methods for Landscape and Urban Research

LUS Methodology Seminar, autumn 2023 | on fridays, 10-12, ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, HIL E 67.

Landschaftstadt Zürich. Überlappen Verbinden Öffnen – eine Bildersuche

Ausstellung 09.06.2023 bis 24.09.2023 // Mittwoch bis Sonntag 14:00 – 18:00 Uhr | Zentrum Architektur Zürich (ZAZ), Höschgasse 3, Zürich.

More Than Human Cinema: The Two Sights

3 April 2023, 19:00 | L200, Langstrasse 200, Zurich. The screening will feature THE TWO SIGHTS with director Joshua Bonnetta in presence for a Q and A.

Poster of the event "Mutualisms – Interactions with Benefits", chair of Teresa Gali-Izard

Mutualisms – Interactions with Benefits

Guest Lecture + Q & A, 20 April, 12:45 – 15:30 | ETH Zürich, Oerlikon, Neunbrunnenstr. 50, ONA E7. Pere Fraga i Arguimbau: Gardener and Botanist from Menorca, Spain. «You can’t garden without knowing how plants relate to their environment. Making a garden is, to a greater or More

Poster Announcement:

Writing Urban Landscapes of the Anthropocene

LUS Methodology Seminar, Spring Semester 2023. Fridays, 11:45-13:30 | ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, HIL E 67.

Doctoral Crits of the Institute of Urban and Landscape Studies LUS

8. December 2022, 13:00-17:30 | ETH Zurich, ONA building, Neunbrunnenstr. 50, Zürich.

Sudamérica LUS Talks

20 October 2022, 18:30 (2 December: 17:30) |  ETH Zürich, Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, ONA Fokushalle (E7), Zürich. This year, the LUS Talks will engage diverse perspectives from practitioners and theorists addressing South America’s complex social and ecological landscapes.

Inaugural Lecture Prof. Teresa Galí-Izard

1 December, 17:15 | ETH Zürich, Zentrum, HG F 30. Prof. Galí-Izard defines landscape architects as translators of the potential of places defined primary by its geological and climatic conditions.

Nature and Engineering: The Park of the Buttes-Chaumont

21 November, 16:00 – 18:00 | via Zoom. Lecturer: Antoine Picon – Professor of the History of Architecture and Technology, Harvard Graduate School of Design.

«Incontri con il paesaggio»

17 November, 17:00 – 19:00 | Politecnico di Torino, Castello del Valentino, Torino.

(RE)Acting/(EN)Acting: New Approaches in Landscape Architecture

18 October, 17:00 | Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

Start of soil sampling, photo by Lisa Emma Naudin, © Chair of Being Alive, ETH Zurich

Understanding a Place by Looking at its Soil

Doing fieldwork – such as the study of soil, vegetation, or other living systems – is an essential task in the discipline of landscape architecture. It helps to understand and translate the existing conditions of a place to uncover its potential for future transformations. The Chair of Being More


Writing Landscapes, Writing the Urban

Methodology Seminar | Starting 22 September on Thursdays, 14:00 – 16:00 | ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, Rote Hölle, HIL E67.

Master of Science ETH in Landscape Architecture

Apply now for Autumn 2023! The ETH Master‘s degree programme in Landscape Architecture is aimed at students with a Bachelor‘s degree in architecture or landscape architecture from a university or a Swiss university of applied sciences with at least 180 ECTS or equivalent. A motivation letter and a portfolio are More

Symbolbild: FIELDWORK WEEK_ChairOfBeingAlive_Cima_Citta-1000x

Fieldwork Week in Cima Città. Join us!

15. – 19. August 2022, registration deadline: 31.7.2022 | Cima Città, Valle di Blenio, Ticino. An open invitation to join the Chair of Being Alive for a week of getting their hands dirty.

Under the Landscape. Boulouki – Itinerant Workshop on Traditional Building Techniques

26 – 29 June 2022 | Symposium | Santorini and Therasia, Greece. Keynote: Prof. Teresa Gali-Izard.

© Chair of Being Alive, 2021

Agriculture de Non-Agir

5 May 2022, 12:45 – 15:30 | ETH Zürich, Oerlikon, Neunbrunnenstr. 50, ONA E 25. Lecturers: François Léger, Researcher, AgroParisTech & Prof. Teresa Gali-Izard.

Research Methods in Landscape and Urban Studies: Towards Sensory, Creative, and Imaginative Methodologies

Starting 24 February 2022 on Thursdays, 10:00 – 12:00 | Methodology Seminar | ETH Zürich, Oerlikon, Neunbrunnenstr. 50, ONA Design in Dialogue Lab.

Keep it Living

17 March 2022, 12:45 – 15:30 | ETH Zurich, Oerlikon, Neunbrunnenstr. 50, ONA E 7. Lecturers: Tessa Peters, Director of Crop Stewardship, The Land Institute & Bonnie-Kate Walker, Research Associate, Chair of Being Alive.

More than Human. Cinema

7 March – 2 May | Film Screenings and Discussions.

Master of Science ETH in Landscape Architecture

Application open until 30 April 2022. We offer a new two-year master’s programme in landscape architecture at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich with a focus on the design and planning of open spaces and landscapes.

Drawing in Architecture, Education and Research

22 October, 8:30–18:00 | Participation at the Lucerne Talks, Symposium on Pedagogy in Architecture | HSLU, Technikumsstr. 21, 6048 Horw.

Connecting Dots

8 November, 19:30 | Participation at the Goldsmith Lectures | Zoom-Link.

Compiled field notes from site vegetation inventory of forest plots © Chair of Being Alive, ETH Zurich

Reading a Forest, Documenting the Existing

Looking at the fields of wheat and orchards of almond blossoms around Senan, Spain, «crisis» is not the first word that comes to mind. The valleys appear tranquil and unchanging. However, like most rural landscapes in Spain, the area has transformed dramatically in the past decades.

From Cerda’s Block to the Ecosystemic Urbanism Superblock

10 May, 15:45 | Lecture | online. Lecturer: Salvador Rueda, Urban ecology Agency Barcelona.

Wastewater Urbanism

15 March, 15:45 | Lecture | online. Lecturer: Seth Denizen, Harvard GSD.

Complex Resurgences

12 March 2021, 16:00 | online. Lecture on the Rapperswiler Tag 2021: «Brennnessel oder Wasabi – Pflanzen neu denken». Lecturer: Teresa Galí-Izard.

ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg, in front of the HIL building. © Dunja Richter, ETH Zurich

Information Event Master of Science in Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich

2 March, 18.30 – 19:30 | Zoom. The Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich offers a two-year Master’s degree programme in Landscape Architecture with a focus on the design and planning of open spaces and landscapes.

ETH-EPFL Summer School: Transects Through Alpine Water Landscapes

16-21 August 2021 | Application deadline PROLONGED: 1 July  | Villa Cassel, 3987 Riederalp, Kanton Wallis.

Marseille © 2019 ETH Zürich, Professur Günther Vogt

Master of Science ETH in Landschaftsarchitektur

Bewerbungsfrist: 1. Nov. – 15. Dez. 2021 & 1. – 30. April 2022

landscape landscape urbanism Teresa Gali-Izard

LANDSCAPE LANDSCAPE URBANISM the garden of the XXI century

Teresa Gali-Izard: Michael Hough/Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Visiting Critic. 23 November, 18:00-19:00 Zurich time (12:00-13:00 eastern standard time) | Zoom registration. Landscape landscape urbanism is an inclusive approach to the construction of the human ecosystem. It translates the hidden potential of places and pursues a new relationship between living creatures, More

Master of Science ETH in Landschaftsarchitektur

Bewerbungsfrist: 31. März 2021

Teresa Gali-Izard. Portrait: wijkmarkphoto

Design as an Answer to Values and Ethics

Prof. Teresa Gali-Izard started her chair of landscape architecture at ETH Zurich in 2020, co-creating the new master in landscape architecture which starts this autumn semester. In our interview she talks about her influences such as Augustin Berque, her background, and her commitment to experimenting with new forms More

Poster Master ETH in Landscape Architecture

New Master of Science ETH in Landscape Architecture

We offer a new two-year master’s programme in landscape architecture at the department of architecture of ETH Zurich with a focus on the design and planning of open spaces and landscapes. This master’s programme in landscape architecture, initiated by Prof. Teresa Galí-Izard, Prof. Christophe Girot and Prof. Günther More

Teresa Galí-Izard

New Professor for Landscape Architecture at the LUS

Professor Teresa Galí-Izard (*1968), currently Associate Professor at Harvard Graduate School, Cambridge, USA, has been appointed as Full Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Institute for Landscape and Urban Studies (LUS).